Amazon Launches SIPP to Reduce FBA Fees for Sellers

FBA Fees
Discover how Sell Crew, a premier Amazon Agency, guides sellers through the latest Amazon updates, including the SIPP program, to reduce FBA fees, enhance brand exposure, and ensure compliance. Leverage our expertise to adapt swiftly to Amazon's evolving landscape and maximize your success.

Amazon launched the Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program. It aims to cut FBA fees and improve delivery experiences. This program updates the older Ship In Own Container (SIOC) model. Now, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Sellers can use their brand packaging. This removes the need for extra Amazon packaging.

The SIPP program is now accessible for enrollment through Seller Central for all FBA sellers targeting the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Sellers interested in taking advantage of this program must ensure their products’ packaging meets specific requirements, such as being a rigid six-sided box or a securely sealed mailer, to qualify.

Adopting SIPP not only leads to lower FBA fees but also allows sellers to showcase their branding during the delivery process. Additionally, this initiative promotes sustainability by reducing packaging waste and minimizing carbon emissions through more efficient transport logistics.

Enrolling an ASIN in the SIPP program involves reviewing the program’s guidelines, grouping similar products, testing the product and its packaging, and officially enrolling through Seller Central. This process is designed to ensure that all products shipped under SIPP meet Amazon’s standards for safe and efficient delivery.

Once an ASIN is enrolled and certified under SIPP, sellers will receive discounted FBA fees starting February 5, 2024. It’s crucial for sellers to provide an accurate certification date for their products, as discounts apply to units received at Amazon Fulfillment Centers after this date.

SIPP-certified products offer a direct-to-consumer brand experience, reducing packaging waste and potentially enhancing customer satisfaction. However, if a SIPP-certified ASIN is part of a larger order, it may still be shipped with Amazon packaging to ensure a cohesive customer experience.

Shipping requirements for SIPP-certified products remain consistent with standard FBA inbound procedures, with the added necessity of an exterior scannable label. This maintains the integrity of the delivery process while adhering to SIPP’s sustainability goals.

FBA Fees

Amazon’s marketplace is always changing. Sellers must keep up with updates like the SIPP program. They aim to reduce FBA fees and better the unboxing experience. Sell Crew, an experienced Amazon Agency, is key here. Sellers benefit from a team that quickly adapts strategies to Amazon’s new changes. This ensures compliance, efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability.

We have worked with many clients, making us experts in Amazon’s ecosystem. We help sellers meet Amazon’s requirements.

With Sell Crew, sellers can easily handle Amazon’s updates. We help your brand meet Amazon’s standards and grow. We take care of FBA fees and changes like SIPP for you. This lets you focus on expanding your business. Partner with Sell Crew to smoothly navigate Amazon’s changes. Boost your brand’s success.

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