5 Strategies to Control Pay Per Click Spending on Amazon

Master your Amazon Pay Per Click spending with our top five strategies. From setting defined budget caps to optimizing bids based on performance, this article provides essential tips and real-world examples to help you enhance your advertising efficiency and increase your ROI.

Pay Per Click advertising on Amazon is a powerful tool for sellers aiming to boost visibility and accelerate sales. However, without careful management, costs can spiral. Here are five strategies to help you control your spending on Amazon’s competitive Pay Per Click platform.

Before launching any Pay Per Click campaign, define your budget. Decide how much you want to spend daily or monthly and stick to it. This cap ensures you never overspend, no matter how tempting it may be to chase high-performing keywords.

A small kitchen appliance brand set a daily budget of $100. By capping their spending, they avoided unexpected costs and could analyze the effectiveness of their campaign relative to their overall sales goals.

Selecting the right keywords is crucial for Pay Per Click success. Focus on relevance and search volume but be wary of highly competitive keywords that might deplete your budget quickly.

An eco-friendly clothing line used specific keywords like “sustainable women’s t-shirts” rather than broad terms like “women’s shirts.” This specificity reduced costs and targeted the right customers.

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Regularly review your campaign’s performance to understand which aspects are working and which are not. Adjust your strategies based on this data—pause underperforming ads and boost those bringing in returns.

An electronics seller reviewed their ad performance weekly, pausing ads that had low click-through rates and adjusting their keywords and ad copy accordingly. This regular optimization reduced wasted ad spend.

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Adding negative keywords is an essential step to enhance campaign efficiency by eliminating unwanted ad impressions. This strategy prevents ads from being triggered by searches that are irrelevant to your products, saving your budget for more likely conversions.

For a seller specializing in high-end electronics, setting negative keywords such as “cheap,” “discount,” and “used” helped to avoid attracting bargain hunters and instead targeted consumers willing to invest in premium products.

Actively adjusting your bids in response to their performance can significantly enhance the efficiency of your ad spend. For keywords that yield high sales, consider increasing your bids, while reducing or pausing bids on those that perform poorly to better allocate your advertising budget.

An eco-friendly beauty brand fine-tuned their strategy by raising bids on top-performing keywords such as “eco-friendly face cream” and reducing expenditure on less effective keywords like “green beauty products.” This approach helped them focus their budget on what truly drives conversions, optimizing overall spending.

An organic skincare line adjusted their bids by increasing investment in high-converting keywords like “organic facial moisturizer” while lowering bids on less effective terms such as “natural skincare,” which streamlined their ad spend and focused on the most profitable aspects of their campaign.


By refining your approach to negative keywords, and dynamically adjusting your bids, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns. These strategies not only help manage costs but also boost your campaign’s overall effectiveness.

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